SilverWorks! Removes tough odors and keeps them from coming back!
Introducing SilverWorks!(tm) Washer Sheets

Looking for a better way to stop the stink? Add SilverWorks! sheets to the washer along with your favorite laundry detergent. Natural silver ions transfer to your fabrics so they get fresh and stay fresh.

Don't mask odors.

Neutralize them!

Fabrics get fresh and stay fresh because SilverWorks!
Natural silver ions embed deep into fabrics to continuously neutralize odors for fragrance-free freshness between washes and wears.

Want to eliminate tough odors? You're in good company.

The SilverWorks!™ brand is dedicated to the science of stink. Our team of laundry nerds is hard at work coming up with the most effective, eco-friendly laundry products to keep your underwear, socks, blankies, practice jerseys, concert t-shirts, pet sweaters, base layers, fishing gloves, hunting pants, and other fabrics fresher without fragrances.