About Us

Trust your toughest odors to our laundry nerds

We're scientists. We're engineers. And we stink just like everyone else. So we made it our job to find a smarter way to prevent tough odors in clothes and other fabrics. We learned everything there is to know about stopping stink. And surprise—real freshness doesn't come from perfumes. It comes from natural silver. Our SilverWorks! washer sheets embed silver ions deep into your fabrics to continuously neutralize odors. That means you get long-lasting freshness between washes and wears. Not everyone will understand how SilverWorks! But we do. We're laundry nerds. And we're proud of it.

The start of SilverWorks!™ 

The original team behind the brand came together on the central coast of California near San Luis Obispo, affectionately known as SLO. It’s home to a really cool ecosystem of scientists, engineers, investors, advisors, and student teams. A few of us began experimenting with the idea of using natural silver in the wash to eliminate and prevent odors in fabrics. Then we tested it on our smelly sweat-soaked hiking shirts. When we realized we could wear the same shirt we washed with silver up and down Bishop Peak Trail four or five times—and it still didn’t stink—we knew we were on to something. That’s how SilverWorks!™ was born.