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Fabric Spray

Fabric Spray

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  • DON'T JUST MASK ODORS - ELIMINATE THEM! - Most scent boosting sprays trap odors (including bad ones) by coating fabrics with chemicals. SilverWorks! fabric spray odor eliminator neutralizes odors and continuously deodorizes using silver ion technology

  • DESIGNED FOR ALL FABRIC AND COLORS - Spray on any washable or non-washable soft surfaces to eliminate stubborn odors. This can be used as a carpet spray deodorizer, couch deodorizer and furniture spray deodorizer, or as an all-purpose fabric deodorizer (clothes, towels, bedding, etc.)

  • NATURAL ODOR ELIMINATOR - Safe And Non-Toxic: Hypoallergenic formula contains a lightly scented eco-friendly fragrance; contains no bleach, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals. We use science, not chemicals!

  • POWERED BY SCIENCE - Patent Pending Formula - Only two active biodegradable ingredients! Hydrogen peroxide destroys smells while natural silver ions embed deep into fabrics to neutralize odors like sweat, body odor, nicotine, urine, and more

  • FIGHTS ODORS BETWEEN USES - Continuous fine mist sprayer evenly coats surfaces to provide maximum odor elimination while refreshing and deodorizing, leaving long-lasting freshness that continuously fights odors between use
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