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Laundry Detergent Sheets

Laundry Detergent Sheets

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 Infused with cutting-edge Silver Ion Odor Elimination Technology, these 40 sheets pack a powerful punch, cleansing clothes while preventing future odors. Say farewell to stubborn stains and unwanted scents as these detergent sheets work their magic in your washer. With every load, enjoy the confidence of impeccably clean and fresh-smelling laundry. Simplify your laundry routine and elevate your results with our innovative detergent sheets!

  • DON'T JUST MASK ODORS - Most detergents and scent boosters trap odors (including bad ones) by coating fabrics with chemicals. SilverWorks! laundry detergent sheets neutralize odors and continuously deodorizes using silver ion technology. We use science, not chemicals, because... SilverWorks!
  • POWERED BY SCIENCE - 1) Bio-based enzymes cling to fabrics to clean and remove tough odors 2) Natural silver ions embed deep into textiles to neutralize odors and continuously deodorize long after the wash cycle.
  • FIGHTS ODORS BETWEEN WASHES - Continuous Clean technology provides maximum odor elimination with each wash AND continuously fights odors between laundry washes, delivering long-lasting freshness you can rely on.
  • EXPERTS KNOW THAT SILVERWORKS! – Our fabric friendly odor eliminating detergent laundry sheets were created by engineers and scientists and is used by professional football teams, pro athletes, soccer moms, runners, yogis, hikers, campers & gym rats.
  • SENSITIVE-SKIN FRIENDLY - Safe And Non-Toxic: Hypoallergenic formula contains a lightly scented eco-friendly fragrance; contains no harsh chemicals.
  • MADE IN USA - Each box contains 40 detergent sheets and washes up to 80 loads of laundry. Contains a light Fresh Linen scent to keep your clothes refreshed
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